10 Ways To Tell If Your Crush Likes You Back 1 year ago

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10 tips to know if your crush is in love with you.
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Dating in the digital world is never easy. Crushes come and go, and it seems like no one is willing to admit they are actually into someone. If you are having trouble deciphering whether or not your crush likes you, then check out our video: 10 Ways To Tell If Your Crush Likes You Back.

Thanks to social media and cell phones, it’s easier than ever to keep a steady stream of communication. So, if you notice that the person you like is always in contact with you, it’s a good sign they dig you. You should also pay attention to certain things about this communication. Are they asking you Questions? What time of day are they texting you? And, do they tag you on social media or send you memes? Want to know why we're asking all these questions? Watch the video to find out. Once you're done, don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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