Avoid These 3 Mistakes to Attract the Woman You Want 11 months ago

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Attracting women is a very easy thing to do, but if you make one or more of the following mistakes, it suddenly becomes difficult.

The woman plays hard to get, even though she’s not hard to get and would actually hook up with you, go on a date with you or be your girlfriend.

So, if you want to easily attract the kinds of women you really want from now on, try to avoid making these mistakes:

1. Placing her above you in terms of attractiveness and then feeling unworthy of her as a result.
2. Just talking to her in a friendly way, but hoping that she likes you in a sexual way.
3. Asking her out or hinting at a relationship, before you have made her feel sexually attracted to you.

Regarding the first mistake, as I discuss in the video, I recommend that you don’t try to play the Looks Game with women (i.e. try to be successful with women based on how you look).

Instead, I recommend that you focus on making women feel emotionally attracted to you as you talk to them.

When a woman feels emotionally attracted to you, she then starts to look at your physical appearance in a more positive light, even if you’re not her usual type.

She starts to think, “There’s something about this guy. I like him. He’s sexy…he’s cute. I want to be with him.”

This allows you to attract prettier, more beautiful women that you might not be able to attract based on your looks alone.

You get women that are more attractive than you physically, without having to improve your physical appearance, be rich or be popular.

This is why you will often hear women say things like, “I wasn’t initially attracted to my boyfriend (or husband), but when we talked, there was a spark, we fell in love and the rest is history.”

What the woman is essentially saying, is that she wasn’t initially attracted to his physical appearance, but it didn’t matter.


He made her feel emotionally attracted to him, so she fell in love with him, rather than rejecting him because he wasn’t as attractive as her physically, or wasn’t the type of guy that she thought she wanted.

In other words, he was able to attract a woman who didn’t initially find him physically attractive by making her feel emotionally attracted to him.

That is the secret to enjoying easy, natural success with women and accessing women who are more physically attractive to you.

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When you understand how a woman’s attraction really works and you do it with a couple of women, you will literally laugh at how easy it is to attract women.

It’s really funny.

You may have gone through much of your life thinking that women were difficult to attract and pick up, but they’re not.

Most women (including many beautiful, pretty women) are ridiculously easy to attract and pick up.

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Dan Bacon
Dating Coach For Men & Founder of TheModernMan.com