How to Avoid the Friendzone - Dating Advice for Men 5 years ago

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Hey guys, its Emyli and you're watching EmLovzTV, the place to be if you're looking to meet and attract beautiful women.

When I first began my research into the seduction field, the most intriguing question I faced was: Why I could be attracted to one guy who had no career, a limited education, a sub-par physique, and a bad attitude.......all the while be completely disinterested in other guys who were CEO's, had millions of dollars in the bank, had model-quality bodies, had extensive educations, and/or had a consistently positive personalities?

It seemed counter-intuitive, but I found that many other women were having the same experience.


Well, The Truth is: Hundreds of men struggle to avoid the friend zone and just as many women wonder why they aren't attracted to "Mr. Right." Well there is GOOD NEWS guys!

I found 3 simple steps that can help you successfully maneuver your way out of the friend zone and into her heart....

I'm gonna discuss it in this week's EmLovzTV video right inside this blog.

In this episode of EmLovzTV you will learn:

#1: Why a woman cannot be logically reasoned into liking you.

#2: How to increase your social value.

#3: How to avoid the friend zone by using reverse psychology on her.

Kinesthetic touch or "Kino" is one of the most important factors in avoiding the friend zone.

Even if you've properly opened and escalated conversation, if you don't apply the right amount of kino, you'll lose any chance for a sexual attraction.

This can be the most challenging aspect of creating chemistry. You don't want to come off as a creeper by being all touchy feely but you also don't want to be the dope that gets stuck as the buddy either.

Touch has to trigger her subconscious sexual association zones but be appropriate at the same time.

You want to start small and escalate over time by doing something she hardly registers like brushing the hair off her shoulder during conversation but never blatantly commenting on the action you're performing.

The importance of touch is vital for a successful seduction. A woman’s physical, kinesthetic interaction with you decreases her natural resistance and opens her up to your influence.

The psychology of human touch has been used in sales for decades. Smart sales associates know that when they shake hands or hug a potential customer, that they’re much closer to getting the deal.

Natural seduction is really just sales, in a different format… you are selling yourself.

It goes back to childhood and the psychological bond between mother and infant.

Humans love to be touched, when it’s appropriate of course, and the sooner you make physical contact with her, the sooner you’ll be able to solidify an intimate connection.

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